Category: Toning

The Outer Om Exercise

This month, we will explore various toning and chanting exercise which will allow us to feel the power of the voice. Ultimately, with the goal of convincing you about the healing power of sound. This first exercise is one of the most simple, yet it stems from a sacred practice that is potentially centuries old.

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Voice-Release Exercise

This month I have introduced you to several breath awareness exercises. When we remember to focus on the source of life, prana, we find empowerment in the instant just before we speak or act. Many of us have been suppressing ourselves for so long, we may not even know what our true voice sounds like

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The Four Levels of Sound

According to Indian tradition, the structure of sound was handed down from Ancient Vedic Linguists and Philosophers through the Upanishads and Vedas. This structure is an attempt to understand and codify speech as it relates to intention. Level 1 – Subtle Level (“Para” – beyond) – This is pure intention without word, shape or form.

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