Exploring Resonance

Recently, we learned how a Resonant Breathing exercise. But what exeactly is resonance anyway? Remember everything is vibration and every vibration and therefore, everything, has a natural frequency, called its resonant frequency. This is known as the fundamental tone and free resonance. The principle of resonance tells us that vibrations of one body can reachContinue reading “Exploring Resonance”

Sonic Geometry

This is a powerfully informational video that actually made me cry with recognition the first time I watched it. I have been on a journey down this sonic journey for some time now, this video somehow gave me an innate sense of confirmation that my journey is the right one, and I should continue spreadingContinue reading “Sonic Geometry”

The Principle of Entrainment

This month, we have been reviewing the concept of listening. We have practiced some deep listening exercises, focused on teaching us to listen deeply, in essence allowing the music to penetrate every cell. All of this to prepare us for receiving the medicine of music. As we begin to listen deeply to sound, we discoverContinue reading “The Principle of Entrainment”

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