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The Principle of Entrainment

This month, we have been reviewing the concept of listening. We have practiced some deep listening exercises, focused on teaching us to listen deeply, in essence allowing the music to penetrate every cell. All of this to prepare us for receiving the medicine of music. As we begin to listen deeply to sound, we discover

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Reverb Listening Exercise

Yesterday, we practiced listening to the ambient sounds in the environment. Earlier today, we learned about the amazing ability to use sound echo to navigate. Also called bio-sonar, this skill is innate to animals like bats and dolphins. But we also learned that humans have the ability to develop this skill. In fact, some have

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Echolocation (Bio-Sonar)

Music is the harmonious voice of creation; an echo of the invisible world Giuseppe Mazzini Echolocation, the location of objects by reflected sound. Animals use echolocation, also called bio-sonar by emitting calls into the environment and listening to the echoes return from various objects near them. These echoes help the animal locate and identify the

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Book Review: The healing forces of harmonic sounds and vibrations

I finally settled on 4 stars. This book is excellent reference material for sonic healing practices. If you can get past the pushing of his own CD, the science is solid if not succinct and the explanations are approachable. Must read for all sound healers.

Book Review: Sounds of Healing

Sounds of Healing by Mitchell Gaynor Must read book for all people interested in Sonic healing practices. An excellent literature review and synopsis of available research at the time of its publication, it becomes a spring board for sonic healing practitioners to find empirical evidence which backs their practice. For left brain thinkers, such as

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Book Review: This is your brain on Music

I think Levitin tries to hard to meet the needs of the average reader and the scientist in this book and unfortunately falls slightly short. The science is detailed but interesting, but you have to really want the information to get through the book. I wanted to like this book, I really did, it is a valuable compendium on the scientific basis for sound healing, unfortunately, giving this book a 4 is a stretch.

Book Review: Healing at the Speed of Sound

An approachable read, for any one who loves music. Highly encouraged for all healersand educators; consider the sonic environment in your practice, your schools and hospitals. Must read for all sound healers!

Woah, is sound all that?

In Jonathan Goldman’s book, The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing, the author tries to describe what it would take to be a true expert of sound. He maintains that in order to fully comprehend sound and its many benefits as a healing tool, one would need to be proficient in all of the following professions:

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Toning: using vocalizations for self healing

Toning is the use of vocalizations to vibrate our biological systems at the cellular level. Using the breath to move sustained vocalizations and intention to direct the vibrating energy to specific places with in the body, this movement serves to release whatever has been held there.

Cymatics: Observing the effects of sound waves on matter

For the past few days, we have been reviewing research and watching videos to observe the effects of sound on water. Today, I want to introduce you to the world of cymatics. Cymatics is a the study of wave phenomena, particularly sound waves and their visual representations. Cymatics gives us the ability to view and

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