Amazing Benefits of Flute Music for Meditation — Meditative Mind

All over the world, different types of music such as Classical music, Primordial sound, Nature Sound, Instrumental Music are being used by meditation centres, but Indian classical music played with the help of flute is the most soothing music for body, mind and soul. The post Amazing Benefits of Flute Music for Meditation appeared first… via … Continue reading Amazing Benefits of Flute Music for Meditation — Meditative Mind

Introduction to 5Rhythms

It is easy for me to get bogged down in the research, reading more and more about the applications of sonic healing but I would be remiss if I did not point out that all of the research is worth nothing without the practice. This is true, in my estimation of most anything we wish … Continue reading Introduction to 5Rhythms

Finding my spirit

  In 2017, I found myself living in Hawaii with a good job, making a decent living, enough to afford living in Hawaii, helping my sons get on their feet and still live comfortably. I could not shake the feeling that something important was missing. Yes, I was single, I still am, but it was … Continue reading Finding my spirit

What is Sonic Catharsis

Sonic Catharsis is my hero's journey, my labor of love.  It seeks understanding of the existential through scholarship and experience. It seeks to bring together Science and Humanities together to form a sonic palate of spirit and medicine without the dogma of religion or politics of power. Through my own experiences,  I have found Music and … Continue reading What is Sonic Catharsis

Music and Humanity

Throughout written History, Music has been part of humanity. The earliest known written documents reference the power of sound and throughout history, regardless of culture, music has been featured with prominence. History is also full of power-hungry leaders whom sought to control and conquer everything as far as the eye could see. Some would say … Continue reading Music and Humanity