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Sonic Tonic: Lyrical

Last month we began exploring the medicine of rhythm. Gabrielle Roth described the 5 Sacred Rhythms in her body of work 5 Rhythms, which we also began exploring last month. This week, after the chaos of merging masculine and feminine rhythms into a chaotic collision, we land in the post-coital afterglow of the lyrical rhythm.

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Sonic Tonic: Live on Earth, by Onogana

Today, we close out our week on the rhythm of chaos. I introduced you to the amazing chaotic sounds of the didgeridoo. I am in love with this vibration. Today, I bring you another album of chaotic didgeridoo rhythms from Israeli band Onogana. WOW! That circular breathing, I have to keep practicing it, my didgeridoo

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Sonic Tonic: Buildup by Ecstatic Dance Records

Last Week, I introduced you to Ecstatic Dance Records and we listened to their “Arrival Phase” Music which lined up well with the “Flowing” Rhythm as introduced by Gabrielle Roth. Yesterday, I introduced you to the second rhythm, staccato. Today, we revisit ecstatic dance records for their take on this rhythm, which they call the

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