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Be like water my friend (Flowing)

This month, we are exploring Gabrielle Roth’s moving meditation entitled 5 Rhythms. This week, we are diving into the first rhythm, Flowing. Yesterday, we began our exploration into the flowing rhythm that frees our heart to creatively express its authentic feelings. This Rhythm is associated with the element of water. When we imagine a river

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A Study of Rhythm: Flowing like water

Last week, we began exploring the medicine of rhythm. We learned that rhythm is the primary medicine for the body, and we began exploring moving meditation, through Gabrielle Roth’s concept of 5Rhythms. Last week, we learned that the dancing path contains several shamanic tasks, the first of which is to free the body to experience

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Embodiment: The first Shamanic Task of the Dancing Path

Gabrielle Roth invites us to partake on the shamanic journey of the dancing path. Yesterday, I introduced you to her moving meditation concept called, The 5 Rhythms. She describes ecstatic dancing as a way of jumping out of the mind and into the soul. This indeed has been my own experience of the 5Rhythms. In

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