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Book Review: The practice of Nada YOga

The Practice of Nada Yoga – Meditation on the Inner Sacred Sound – Baird Hersey Nada Yoga is essentially the Yoga of listening; The practice of listening to your inner Sacred Sounds. Nada yoga is an inward journey and therefore it is difficult to write an entire book about how to listen internally. When the

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Book Review: Your Brain on Music- The cognitive effects of Music Education on the Brain – by Laura L Saunders

Your Brain on Music: The Cognitive Benefits of Music Education by Laura Saunders This book’s main focus is to promote music education in public schools. Among the many benefits of music education listed throughout this book are:Greater attention spanIncreased ability in geometrical skillsImproved performance in mathematical problem solvingheigthened fluency in readingGreater short term memoryGreater long

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