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Sonic Tonic: The Wave of Bliss by Layne Redmond

Yesterday, I introduced you to the rhythms of famed female drummer Layne Redmond. Today, we continue that journey with Layne with another album entitled: The Wave of Bliss. Enjoy the rhythms and vocals as they transport you from a mind filled with thought to a calm mind and active body. Let the rhythms move you.

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this book is a personal journey. It is not ripe with research behind the medicine of music, rather it is packed with exercises as she guides you on the journey to exploring music as medicine. I enjoyed this book and it is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in using music for personal growth and self-help. If you are looking for the research behind how music works as an instrument of healing, this is not the book you are looking for. If you are looking for some excellent drum exercises for self exploration, grab this one for your library