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Introduction to the 5 Rhythms

Gabrielle Roth, creator of the 5 Rhythms movement meditation concept and self-proclaimed Urban Shaman, rest her soul, was one of my teachers. While I never had the pleasure of meeting her, her books; Maps to Ecstacy and Sweat your Prayers turned me onto the movement meditation, an experience that ultimately changed my life. Ancient texts

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Sonic Tonic: Shaman’s Eye by Liquid Bloom

Liquid Bloom is one of those artists that I return to again and again when making sonic meditation and ecstatic dance mixes. As you can tell by the write up below from their album, they are on a similar journey to my own, fascinated by healing sound. An infectious fusion of native and intentionally created

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Sonic Tonic: Order of the Stag by Clann An Drumma

Music medicine comes in many forms and is found in every culture. Rhythm provides the backdrop for each culture to express its own distinct melody. Today’s sonic tonic is a slight departure from what I have been posting so far. Today we explore the distinct sounds of tribal music from Glasgow, Scotland. The unmistakable sound

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