Sonic Tonic: Jallalla by Lagartijeando

In this new Wonderwheel release by Lagartijeando I have found a fantastic music journey designed to inspire Celebration. This is an inspired album full of sonic texture and emotion. Hypnotic rhythms transport you on a joyful release. What a fantastic fusion of world beats with electronic melodies reminiscent of Pink Floyd, Tears for Fears and classical Colombian rhythms combine for a. A beautiful journey, you dont want to miss! Conscious dancers and sonic meditators alike will find inspiration in this fabulous sonic journey!

Three Types of Healing Sound

According to Wayne Perry, author of Sound Mddicine, sounds, can be broken down into three categories, based on the intention or intended effect. Relaxing Sounds – The sounds are calm and soothing, intended to relax the body. Think of singing a baby to sleep in a hushed tone. We instinctively lower our tone and the volumeContinue reading “Three Types of Healing Sound”

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