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Energy through the ears?

According to Dr. Alfred Tomatis, “The Ear Pioneer,” A little known function of the ear is to transform stimuli from our environment into energy. Sound, according to Tomatis, is a nutrient to our nervous system. If we have come to understand sound waves as waves of energy, it sort of makes sense, the ear receives

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How we​ Hear

This month we have been exploring the topic of listening as it relates to Sound Healing. Hearing is a complicated topic as it crosses the bounds of many different scientific specialties: Audiology, Neurobiology, Neurology, psychology and more. One of the most simple and straight forward explanations of how we hear is offered by Baird Hersey

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Listening to Speech Exercise

Earlier today, we learned that the body often gives away our true intentions, even when we try to conceal our true feelings behind our words. When we allow ourselves to get swept away by the emotions of the moment, we end up living chaotically, reacting to the whims of our thoughts and emotions. When we

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