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The Listening Mind

When was the last time you really listened to a piece of music? I mean really listened, you gave the piece of music your undivided attention, without expectation or judgment. An intellectual once approached a Zen Master because he wanted to learn more about Zen. The Zen Master poured the visitor a cup of tea.

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Listening Exercise: Your Body Talks

We have been focused this month on listening. Learning to listen to the sounds in our environment seems like a simple task, we hear without consciousness. Next, we focused on listening to the breath. Paying attention to the inhale and exhale brings focus to the body. It helps to ground us in our being and

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Train of thought Exercise

Have you ever watched your thoughts? Paid attention to how you form sentences? Observed how you tailor your language to suit the audience? Considered how emotions impact delivery? For the next 20 minutes, sit silently and reflect on how you form a thought. What is the process that converts thought to word? Does an idea

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