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Listening Exercise: Your Body Talks

We have been focused this month on listening. Learning to listen to the sounds in our environment seems like a simple task, we hear without consciousness. Next, we focused on listening to the breath. Paying attention to the inhale and exhale brings focus to the body. It helps to ground us in our being and

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Learning to Listen

Listening and hearing are different functions. Hearing is the passive ability to receive auditory information. Listening, on the other hand, involves filtering sounds, analyzing them and initiating the appropriate response. Listening is an active, refined skill set that we can actually train our brains to do better. Sound Healing Pioneer and ear expert, Dr Alfred

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Echolocation (Bio-Sonar)

Music is the harmonious voice of creation; an echo of the invisible world Giuseppe Mazzini Echolocation, the location of objects by reflected sound. Animals use echolocation, also called bio-sonar by emitting calls into the environment and listening to the echoes return from various objects near them. These echoes help the animal locate and identify the

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