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Sonic Tonic: Sagrado by Gonzalo Paniagua

Today’s Sonic Tonic comes to us from Spain. These beautiful relaxing sounds will make a fantastic addition to your sonic healing library. Paniagua calls himself a musical medicine man and I must agree, his music is tranquil and light and makes excellent music for sonic meditation, ecstatic and conscious dance as well as yoga flow.

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Book Review: Self-Transformation through music by Joanne Crandall

Joanne explores music from the usual perspective, vibration , rhythm and pulse, energy and breath, time, melody and tone, structure and form, silence and harmony. But she takes each concept and develops it, while she does not talk of Eastern and esoteric energetic principles in her text, the concepts are layered in the text in a way that brings self discovery and understanding of our own self, our true story and the convergence of our minds and emotions through music which expresses the soul by grounding us to ourselves in our bodies, we connect with spirit and open our wings. This book is an amazing transformational journey!