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Exploring Resonance

Recently, we learned how a Resonant Breathing exercise. But what exeactly is resonance anyway? Remember everything is vibration and every vibration and therefore, everything, has a natural frequency, called its resonant frequency. This is known as the fundamental tone and free resonance. The principle of resonance tells us that vibrations of one body can reach

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Book Review: The Sound of Healing

I recommend the music CDs for anyone interested in sound healing, particularly anyone interested in Solfeggio Tones and anyone trying to carve out a serene soundscape. However, don’t waste your time with the book. Unless you are a Bible thumper, I find the Biblical references too much to digest in a book purportedly about sound healing.

The Power of Sound

  In this fascinating Ted talk, Ad Exec Steve Keller takes us on a little journey discovering how advertisements are used to manipulate emotions, influence behavior and even shape our perceptions. The experiments highlighted in this video demonstrate exactly how ad execs use sound and music to manipulate our emotions and perceptions, it is quite

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