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Sonic Tonic: Trips#2 Vietnam, by Red Axes

Last year, Isreali duo, Red Axes flew to Africa to create one of my favorite rhythmic albums of the year, Trips#1. This year, they are back again with another trip, this time to Vietnam. An entrancing fusion of electronic beats with ethnic voices and native instrumentation from Various area of Vietnam. This music makes you

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Book Review: Sound Healing for Beginners

Sound+Breath+Intention= creation is the basic premise of this book

An excellent read for sound practitioners, energy healers, anyone interested in the power of sound. Particularly recommended for those interested in chanting, mantras and other forms of vocal sound healing. Beautifully written and very informative jumping off point for beginning sound healers as well as a continuation of the work done by Sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman.

Echolocation (Bio-Sonar)

Music is the harmonious voice of creation; an echo of the invisible world Giuseppe Mazzini Echolocation, the location of objects by reflected sound. Animals use echolocation, also called bio-sonar by emitting calls into the environment and listening to the echoes return from various objects near them. These echoes help the animal locate and identify the

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How we​ Hear

This month we have been exploring the topic of listening as it relates to Sound Healing. Hearing is a complicated topic as it crosses the bounds of many different scientific specialties: Audiology, Neurobiology, Neurology, psychology and more. One of the most simple and straight forward explanations of how we hear is offered by Baird Hersey

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Sonic Tonic: Sonic Mandala by Visionary Shamanics

In this new release by one of my favorite psytrance producers; Visionary Shamanics, we enter a cosmic jounrney incorporating sacred geometry, the four directions, msytical chants creating “Multi-dimensional sonic space mandalas” A fusion of psytrance and world music, which appears to incorporate several sonic healing principles. If you enjoy the Trance side of music healing,

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The Principle of Rhythm

Rhythm surrounds us, it is the pulse of life. We have already established that everything that exists, is a vibration. Rhythm, as defined in music, is the element that drives the music forward. In music, and in life, rhythm stimulates energy and movement. We are surrounded by rhythm. It is reflected in the breath, in

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Book Review: Crystal Balls and Crystal Bowls

Crystal Balls and Crystal Bowls – Tools for Ancient Scrying and Modern Seership- Ted Andrews I must readily admit, that I skipped the entire first half of the book entirely as I was only interested in the second half, pertaining to crystal bowls. If you are new to sound healing and the use of crystal

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this book is a personal journey. It is not ripe with research behind the medicine of music, rather it is packed with exercises as she guides you on the journey to exploring music as medicine. I enjoyed this book and it is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in using music for personal growth and self-help. If you are looking for the research behind how music works as an instrument of healing, this is not the book you are looking for. If you are looking for some excellent drum exercises for self exploration, grab this one for your library