Sonic Tonic: Shapes in the Silence, by Sika

Today, as we continue exploring the rhythm of stillness, Sika is back with another Sonic Tonic, this one in stillness, or as he calls them, Shapes in the Silence. Perfect for Stillness, sonic meditation, Yoga, body work, sound healing, and dance. Lay down and experience stillness. Allow spirit to enter and listen to these sonicContinue reading “Sonic Tonic: Shapes in the Silence, by Sika”

Sonic Tonic: Lyrical

Last month we began exploring the medicine of rhythm. Gabrielle Roth described the 5 Sacred Rhythms in her body of work 5 Rhythms, which we also began exploring last month. This week, after the chaos of merging masculine and feminine rhythms into a chaotic collision, we land in the post-coital afterglow of the lyrical rhythm.Continue reading “Sonic Tonic: Lyrical”

Sonic Tonic: Bubbling Over by Sika

I have previously introduced you to the music of Sika, a dynamic multi-instrument musician from New Zealand. Sika in my opinion is a Musical Shaman with the ability to weave together magical sound journeys to ride into other dimensions. This is definitely high energy music. Weaving the sounds of the didjeridoo, flute, drums and rattlesContinue reading “Sonic Tonic: Bubbling Over by Sika”

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