Tag: Sonic Catharsis

Sonic Tonic: Peak by Ecstatic Dance Records

This week, we continue our exploration of ecstatic dance records. as the third phase of their program called, “The Peak” aligns with Gabrielle Roth’s third rhythm, chaos. These are wild, surging, dynamic, soaring and chaotic tracks. They provide climax and catharsis. They are typically assertive and high energy, often with powerful bass drops. Follow me

Sonic Tonic: Staccato Rhythms

This week we continue our exploration of the sound healing principle of rhythm. Following Gabrielle Roth’s concept of 5 Rhythms, we enter into the masculine rhythmic principle of staccato this week. Our first sonic tonic this week, of course, features the staccato rhythms of Gabrielle Roth herself as well as the staccato beats she created

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