Tag: Sonic Catharsis

The Personal & Transpersonal Power of the Voice

In his book, The Rhythmic Language of Health and Disease, Mark Rider chronicles his use of sound and music intervention. In his healing workshops, Rider encourages participants to use their voices to express themselves and connect with the essence beyond the self. Eventually, the cacophony drowns out and gives way to more gentle sighs of

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5 Warrior Syllables

In Tibet, the 5 sounds sounds of these 5 syllables are known as The Five Warrior Syllables. The practice of these sounds is believed to eliminate negative patterns and energy from the body and mind. Use of these sounds is believed to bring authentic self-expression. Regular practice is believed to help purge the body and

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Sonic Tonic- The Great Pandora by Malte Marten – Yatao

I love the sound of the handspan, it is such a beautiful instrument with beautiful hypnotic tones and rhythm. It has become quite popular in “pop” music of late, which I always find interesting because the sound instantly transports me to the beach, so it feels misplaced in some of today’s songs. Luckily, I live

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