Tag: Sonic Catharsis

Sonic Tonic: Shaman’s Eye by Liquid Bloom

Liquid Bloom is one of those artists that I return to again and again when making sonic meditation and ecstatic dance mixes. As you can tell by the write up below from their album, they are on a similar journey to my own, fascinated by healing sound. An infectious fusion of native and intentionally created

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Sonic Tonic: Trips#1 in Africa by Red Axes

Today’s sonic tonic comes from one of my favorite new releases of 2018. Israeli duo, Red Axes touches down in Africa for a small piece of sonic heaven. In this first “Trip” the duo teams up with a seven-piece Ivorian Coast band called Yakomin creating a beautiful sonic fusion of electronic and indigenous sounds. They

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Life is made of Rhythm

We have already discovered in our research that everything in life is vibration. Everything is in constant motion. The law of motion is rhythm. Rhythm exists everywhere because everything in life is vibrating in motion and therefore everything has rhythm. The very nature of life is rhythm Physicians depend upon an examination of the pulse,

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