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The Principle of Rhythm

Rhythm surrounds us, it is the pulse of life. We have already established that everything that exists, is a vibration. Rhythm, as defined in music, is the element that drives the music forward. In music, and in life, rhythm stimulates energy and movement. We are surrounded by rhythm. It is reflected in the breath, in

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this book is a personal journey. It is not ripe with research behind the medicine of music, rather it is packed with exercises as she guides you on the journey to exploring music as medicine. I enjoyed this book and it is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in using music for personal growth and self-help. If you are looking for the research behind how music works as an instrument of healing, this is not the book you are looking for. If you are looking for some excellent drum exercises for self exploration, grab this one for your library

Book Review:Song of the Spine

a comprehensive review of some difficult and heavy topics, such as string theory, neurobiology and applied kinesiology. The information is solid and scientific yet it is based on ancient esoteric and unorthodox theory. It is a fascinating read for anyone in the healing fields; specifically medicine, massage, sound therapy, acupuncture.