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Sonic Tonic: Sonic Mandala by Visionary Shamanics

In this new release by one of my favorite psytrance producers; Visionary Shamanics, we enter a cosmic jounrney incorporating sacred geometry, the four directions, msytical chants creating “Multi-dimensional sonic space mandalas” A fusion of psytrance and world music, which appears to incorporate several sonic healing principles. If you enjoy the Trance side of music healing,

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Sonic Tonic: Aura Cleansing Meditation by Calm Whale

This is a lovely new release by Calm Whale, I enjoyed listening to this while working as it provided an excellent ambient backdrop that enabled acute focus. This means my brainwaves were probably entrained in the calmness of this music. This would be an excellent piece for Sonic meditation as well, Grab your headphones and

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Sonic Tonic: Spirit Invocations of the Rainforest by Txana Ikakuru Huni Kuin

Yesterday, I introduced you to some Peyote chants from Native American Sound healer and musician, Delbert “Black Fox” Pomani. Today, I have another album from Native Americans, this one presents us with eight rare, live recordings from ceremonies in the depths of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. The chants weave sound, body and spirit to guide

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