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Name Toning Exercise

Earlier today, we learned how our name may carry toxic energy. We learned that fused with the power of negative intent, be it knowingly or not, the people in our lives, infuse our names with negative energy. Eeek. This was an eerie thought for me to ponder as I began reflecting on the way my

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The Outer Om Exercise

This month, we will explore various toning and chanting exercise which will allow us to feel the power of the voice. Ultimately, with the goal of convincing you about the healing power of sound. This first exercise is one of the most simple, yet it stems from a sacred practice that is potentially centuries old.

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Can Sound Alter Blood Cells?

According to Olivea Dewhurst-Maddock, in “The Book of Sound Therapy,” Research shows that sound vibrations can alter the color and shape of blood cells. Different frequencies cause various reactions, for example, a “C” Note caused the cell to elongate (bacillus) whereas “E” note caused made them spherical (cocci). The note “A” turned red cells into

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