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The Principle of Rhythm- Entrainment

In June, I introduced you to the principles of rhythm and entrainment. For the next two months, we are going to explore these principles much more thoroughly. Have you ever felt in synch with someone? When rhythms line up together in moments of perfect timing we call this synchronicity. We often use this term in

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Bhramari Pranayama: The Humming Bee Breath

Bhramari Pranayama is Sanskrit for The Humming Bee Breath. Both humming and the humming bee breath reportedly have many physiological benefits. According to Jonathan and Andi Goldman, Sound Healing Pioneers and authors of The Humming Effect, The Humming Bee Breath claims the following benefits. Invigorate the thyroid gland (boosting metabolism) Balance Hormonal Secretions Trigger Serotonin

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Using the voice to heal disharmony in the body

According to Dr Mitchell Gaynor, Author of Sounds of Healing, illness is a manifestation of disharmony within in the body, it is an imbalance in the cells or one of the body’s organ. Chanting, he says, can be used to restore normal frequencies to the body, healing disharmonies and the ailments they have caused. Research

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