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The Benefits of Singing

Since we are reviewing the healing properties of the voice today, I thought it would be great to post about this research. According to Laura Saunders, author of “Your Brain on Music” singing releases the feel-good endorphins like serotonin which boost mood and reduce stress. Singing for one hour she says, increases immune proteins that

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What’s in a Name?

A name is a specific sound that identifies and distinguishes us from one another. Our given or first name has a vibrational effect on us because we hear it repeatedly. It causes us to stop and look, or listen more intently. It is our calling sign. In his book, Sound Medicine, Wayne Perry reminds us

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Sonic Tonic: I&I Consciousness by Noam I&I Ben David & BenJAh Love

Today’s Sonic Tonic comes from Isreal. Music is medicine, an instrument of prier and presence, helping us to dive deeper and deeper in to the understanding of our true nature. I & I consciousness means that I am another you, and we are all part of ONE unified collective Human consciousness, experiencing the variety of life

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