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The Principle of Rhythm

Rhythm surrounds us, it is the pulse of life. We have already established that everything that exists, is a vibration. Rhythm, as defined in music, is the element that drives the music forward. In music, and in life, rhythm stimulates energy and movement. We are surrounded by rhythm. It is reflected in the breath, in

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Book Review:Song of the Spine

a comprehensive review of some difficult and heavy topics, such as string theory, neurobiology and applied kinesiology. The information is solid and scientific yet it is based on ancient esoteric and unorthodox theory. It is a fascinating read for anyone in the healing fields; specifically medicine, massage, sound therapy, acupuncture.

Book Review: The healing forces of harmonic sounds and vibrations

I finally settled on 4 stars. This book is excellent reference material for sonic healing practices. If you can get past the pushing of his own CD, the science is solid if not succinct and the explanations are approachable. Must read for all sound healers.

Toning: using vocalizations for self healing

Toning is the use of vocalizations to vibrate our biological systems at the cellular level. Using the breath to move sustained vocalizations and intention to direct the vibrating energy to specific places with in the body, this movement serves to release whatever has been held there.