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Global Sacred Chant: The power of Harmonic Music

Global Sacred Music is a sacred chanting technique developed in Tibet nearly 600 years ago by the Monks of the Gyume and Gyuto Tantric Colleges. In his book, Sounds of Healing, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor describes Harmonic Chant: It was another transformative experience. One of those “Aha!” Moments. I was filled with wonderment, hearing such otherworldy

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Using the voice to heal disharmony in the body

According to Dr Mitchell Gaynor, Author of Sounds of Healing, illness is a manifestation of disharmony within in the body, it is an imbalance in the cells or one of the body’s organ. Chanting, he says, can be used to restore normal frequencies to the body, healing disharmonies and the ailments they have caused. Research

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The Personal & Transpersonal Power of the Voice

In his book, The Rhythmic Language of Health and Disease, Mark Rider chronicles his use of sound and music intervention. In his healing workshops, Rider encourages participants to use their voices to express themselves and connect with the essence beyond the self. Eventually, the cacophony drowns out and gives way to more gentle sighs of

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