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The Benefits of Singing

Since we are reviewing the healing properties of the voice today, I thought it would be great to post about this research. According to Laura Saunders, author of “Your Brain on Music” singing releases the feel-good endorphins like serotonin which boost mood and reduce stress. Singing for one hour she says, increases immune proteins that

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5 Warrior Syllables

In Tibet, the 5 sounds sounds of these 5 syllables are known as The Five Warrior Syllables. The practice of these sounds is believed to eliminate negative patterns and energy from the body and mind. Use of these sounds is believed to bring authentic self-expression. Regular practice is believed to help purge the body and

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Toning: using vocalizations for self healing

Toning is the use of vocalizations to vibrate our biological systems at the cellular level. Using the breath to move sustained vocalizations and intention to direct the vibrating energy to specific places with in the body, this movement serves to release whatever has been held there.