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Deciphering Vocal Quality

Voice Characteristics Body functions to consider Lacklustre, descending pitch, narrow tone lacking expression Physical and Mental Exhaustion Sad- Sounding Habitually on the verge of tears Respiratory issues (Lung, throat, nose) Angry sounding- no apparent cause Liver, gall bladder, spleen Fearful, anxious, trembling, hesitant Bladder, urinary problems Thick tone, slow, drowsy ariculation Migraine, nausea Exaggerated sing

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The Healing Power of the Voice

This month, we have been exploring the healing power of the human voice. The voice is considered by many to be the most powerful sonic healing instrument of all. The human voice is powerful, it can evoke emotion it can stimulate mental and physical relaxation, it can even release or expel energy. To comprehend each

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Siren Singing

Breath awareness is an important aspect of sound healing when using the Voice. Since Sonic Catharsis is all about sound healing and using sound for emotional catharsis, we also explored how vocal textures and tones can give us many clues about a speakers state of emotional being. Breath awareness helps us be more aware of our emotions.